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Soogee and Doc
SHER--The package came yesterday.
Thu Nov 9, 2017 10:47pm

First, I want to thank you. I love it beyond belief! You are so thoughtful in your choice. You are right...It is perfect and truly fits me. It IS me. But I must tell you this little story regarding what was in that box. This is the best part. We all like to believe that we are smart and understand what our eyes see. Just listen to those that have seen UFOs (Mort and I are 2 of those). There is no way we would consider ourselves stupid. Really? Picture this: Mort brings me the package. Good start. I open package. Right move. I reach inside and pull out the item. I happily hold it up for both of us to see. No sound. No reaction. Silence. "What is this?" I say. "I don't know." says Mort. We continue to stare at it. "I see an E and a paw print. But what is that funky house shape?" I ask. Mort says he doesn't know. There was the E and the paw print. But we could not figure that strange, funky house. Continued silence. Mort says, "Turn it around." I do so. No reaction. He then says, "Flip it up side down:. Ah, a stroke of brilliance. THERE IT IS! Suddenly I saw the Love. We were trying to see it backward and up side down. Stupid? Yup, big time. We started laughing and continued to do so for a good 20 or more seconds. Of course there was also the belated giggles that followed. The reaction that was provoked was better than any stoic response that could have been elicited.

Oh my, Sher, you would not have believed the 2 stupid people that stood at my desk. Where did they come from and who were they? I thank you so much, for the wonderful "that's me" gift and the warm, wonderful, fuzzy, loving feeling that came with it. It could not have been better. Wish you were there. Thank you, thank you.

    • I may have sent it, but ... sher (MadMacMar), Fri Nov 10 2:04pm
      ... it's truly a gift from all of us at the Zoo. You bless us each and every one in so many ways! I hope you remember how much we all love you every time you see it!! PS I did laugh when you said it... more
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