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Rufus RIP 11/4/2005-11/8/2017
Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:23pm

It is with a heavy heart that I want to share my beloved Rufus passed over to the Rainbow Bridge this past Wednesday. He was diagnosed with a very aggressive oral melanoma which was under his tongue and throat. It was inoperable. We did try courses of a melanoma vaccine hoping to at least shrink the tumor but it was to no avail. Chemo and radiation were not options. We had to make the difficult decision to let him go when he stopped eating and drinking this week, which also meant he was refusing all of his pain medications and he was on different medications for the pain. It broke my heart... even with his pain on his last day, he still wagged his tail and was very alert and present.

I am a long time zoo member, an "old timer" if you will. Although I am not on the zoo as often as in the past I still check in and comment here and there. Many years ago when I discovered doodles, I came across the doodle zoo and another doodle site... this is where I fell in Love. If you all remember Sue's Chip and Carol's Archie those were my inspirations as I began my search for a Goldendoodle. And he had to be a red head. Rufus came from Doodlesville. He was one of the loves of my life and my heart dog. I am very sad. We knew the day was coming. You think you are prepared but it does not really matter... your heart is just as broken. The doodle friends I have made along the way and many I have never met in person have been a wonderful support. It has only been two days since his passing. I know time heals but it is too early in the grieving process and I miss my boy. Rufus was the most head strong and stubborn doodle boy and it was all about him and I could not have loved him more. Hug your doodles people.

p.s.- I would love to post a picture of him but I no longer use a photo host site. Maybe I could email a photo that someone could post for me.

    • so sorry to hear about rufus - seems like so many madonna and euro, Thu Nov 30 6:28pm
      of our old timers are passing away now :(
    • I am so sorry for your loss. I have told you many timesvicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Sat Nov 25 6:50pm
      that I will always remember Stella & Rufus chasing each other on the beach at our romp. Loved watching them enjoy life. Hugs my friend.
    • RufusKelly, Mac and Roni, Sat Nov 18 3:02am
      Laurie, I was so very sorry to read about Rufus. It is so hard to lose a beloved furbaby. He led a wonderful life. I know that you will miss him tremendously.
    • Such sad news. I'm so very sorry!.....Mitzi, Rowley & Sawyer(rip), Fri Nov 17 12:05am
      I wonder if Sawyer's cancer was similar to Rufus. Sawyer's been gone almost 5 years (later this month). November is always sad now. Nothing prepares us for the loss of our beloved pets. In time you... more
    • So sorry LaurieSue(Kramer&Chip), Thu Nov 16 11:12pm
      Breaks my heart every time I read or another doodle passing. Their lives are just too short.
    • Iím sorry. We walk a heavy road for the Maya, Wy, Woo, Wei and Wyn, Thu Nov 16 11:16am
      opportunity to share too few years with these wonderful dogs. Thank you for sharing your story of Rufus and your love for him. I wish you a peaceful heart.
    • I'm so sorry for your lossLeslie, Kirby & Daisy, Wed Nov 15 9:43pm
      Losing Dexter was one of the hardest things I've gone through. I still miss him every day. Lots of hugs to you.
    • Hugs. And more hugs. Gale T and G, Mon Nov 13 9:19am
      I am so sorry to hear that your beautiful Rufus has left your side.
      • Thanks Gale. laurie rufus and stella, Tue Nov 14 9:40am
        It is always so difficult to let them go. It has been a difficult few days but I am doing better.
    • I'm vert sad for your (our) loss Laurie. WeKate and her "Y" Girls, Sun Nov 12 4:37pm
      are the old timers here and we all remember the puppy days when everything was new and fresh. Hug your memories. The grief lasts forever but so do the memories. xox
      • Thanks Kate.laurie rufus and stella, Tue Nov 14 9:43am
        The grief for the first two days after he was gone were beyond anything I had expected. I thought I was prepared for his departure but I guess nothing does. I am doing much better and I am not trying ... more
    • We are so sorryJan, Kozie Girl and Miss Sylvie, Sun Nov 12 1:50pm
      Laurie, we are so sorry for your loss of your Rufus. So many of us old timers here on the Zoo have lost our babies, I lost our Mozzie Girl. I'm so sorry! I'm not on The Zoo much, but I read the posts ... more
      • Thanks Jan.laurie rufus and stella, Tue Nov 14 9:45am
        Even we when we think we are prepared to say goodbye it is still never easy. I know I can always come to the Doodle Zoo for love and support.
    • I am very sorry for your loss. I learned from a poodle Bev, Holly, Callie, Sun Nov 12 10:38am
      breeder that oral cancer is common in standard poodles. I had never heard that before but I greatly respect her knowledge. She recently sold her Camp Bow Wow in FL as she wanted to retire and only do ... more
      • Thanks Bev.laurie rufus and stella, Tue Nov 14 9:48am
        By the time the cancer was discovered it was too late to even hope for any kind of good outcome or time. Knowing this, I thought I was prepared to see goodbye to my fella... but I guess we are never... more
    • This is very sad news.Cindy Raider & Oakleys Autumn, Sun Nov 12 9:31am
      Laurie, I'm sorry does not help trust me I know. Reading all the responses makes it even sadder. They have a great life with us. I know exactly how you feel. You must think what a wonderful life he... more
      • Thanks Cindy. After I posted...laurie rufus and stella, Tue Nov 14 9:50am
        I did not read all of your heart felt responses until today. I needed a few days to heal. You think you are prepared to say goodbye to these wonderful dogs and when the moment comes, it is so sad.... more
    • I'm so sorry to hear about Rufus. (nm)Melissa, Roo, and Ellie, Sun Nov 12 12:01am
    • I am so sorry Laurie - Rufus was a gorgeous doodle! (nm)Madonna and Euro, Sat Nov 11 9:48pm
    • I am so sorry LaurieAnne-Marie+Isha +Kala, Sat Nov 11 8:01pm
      Unbelievably hard to lose our beloved doodles, even if we know the day is coming nothing can prepare us for how sad we will be. We knew Kala had very little time left after he cancer diagnosis, and... more
      • Thanks Anne-Marie. you are right...laurie rufus and stella, Tue Nov 14 9:57am
        I thought I was prepared for his passing but when the time comes it is just heart wrenching. I did not realize that your Kala also had cancer. Rufus's cancer was stage 4 by the time it was discovered ... more
        • stellaAnne-Marie +Isha +Kala, Tue Nov 14 12:53pm
          I hope Stella will be ok. Isha was actually quite fine, she always wanted to be the only dog. she did seem to be looking for Kala for a few days, but that just might be us thinking so. We also... more
    • you did all you could...Eve/Sampson RIP, Sat Nov 11 6:27pm
      Rufuss has many friends from the zoo to play with now. So sorry you had to say goodbye to your precious boy.
      • Thanks Eve. laurie rufus and stella, Tue Nov 14 10:00am
        It is always sad and hard to say goodbye to our beloved dogs. I thank the zoo fir being a place for support.
    • So sorry to hear this, Laurie. (nm)Swarl, Sat Nov 11 1:53pm
    • Laurie I'm so very sorry I remember Rufus fromPeggy(Rocky), Sat Nov 11 8:58am
      years ago. You can send me a picture of Rufus and I will try to post it. My email is Hugs to you !!!
    • So sorry for the loss of your beautiful Rufus. xx (nm)Karina Turnbull, Sat Nov 11 6:11am
    • I am so sorry for your loss, Cindy (nm)Vera, Sat Nov 11 3:49am
    • I am so sorry that you have had toSoogee and Doc, Sat Nov 11 1:12am
      join the boat of Broken Hearts with the loss of sweet Rufus. I logged on and there before my eyes was your post. The pain their passing causes is raw, pure grief. There almost is no way to explain... more
      • Soogee- you always know the right thing to say.laurie rufus and stella, Tue Nov 14 10:09am
        The grief I experienced when Rufus crossed over was like no other that I had experienced thus far... maybe that makes me lucky.He passed on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were so painful. Each day is ... more
      • HugsLeslie, Sat Nov 11 8:23pm
        You always have the most beautiful and touching ways of saying exactly what is in my heart when I think about losing Dexter.
      • Re: I am so sorry that you have had toCarol (BCR), Sat Nov 11 6:26pm
        "Memory is God's way of allowing you to hold on while letting go. May his memory always remain alive." That is beautiful Soogee!
    • My thoughts are with you.Shelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Fri Nov 10 7:07pm
      So sorry for your loss.
    • I am so sorry, Laurie.SD&B, Fri Nov 10 6:26pm
      I feel your pain. You can never be ready and it just tears your heart out. That empty spot is bigger than can be imagined. Seems bigger than the whole world right now. You did right by him. That's... more
      • Thanks Debbie.laurie rufus and stella, Tue Nov 14 10:12am
        I have been thinking of you also and hope you are doing ok.
    • Oh Laurie - I am so sorry about Rufus.Ellen & Remy, Fri Nov 10 2:18pm
      I think you and I joined the Zoo at the about the same time. Remy will be 13 in March. It is so painful to lose a beloved pet. I've been through it and it is heartbreaking. My deepest condolences.... more
      • Thanks Ellen. laurie rufus and stella, Tue Nov 14 10:13am
        It was a very sad couple of days. Stella has never been without Rufus but she seems to be doing ok.
    • Oh Laurie, I remember your sweet Rufussher (MadMacMar), Fri Nov 10 2:08pm
      No, it doesn't matter how long we are able to love them it will never, ever be long enough. These doodles just have a way of wrapping around your heart. {{hugs}} to you. I have posted my email... more
      • Thanks Sher.laurie rufus and stella, Tue Nov 14 10:15am
        These doodles do get to us, don't they? Rufus was a wonderful doodle dog and was loved very much.
    • zoo and one other prior to that. First with Carter, a Doodle Puppy we were raising for Service Dog training . He is who introduced us to Labradoodles. When they said they were bringing us a 16 week... more
      • Thanks Anita.laurie rufus and stella, Tue Nov 14 10:04am
        They are wonderful dogs who bring us so much love. Always sad to say goodbye.
      • Oh Laurie, so sorry to hear about RufusLinda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH, Fri Nov 10 4:03pm
        It is so painful to lose our special doodles. They leave a hole and can really never be replaced. Each is his own individual. They will always have a spot in our hearts. Love the tail wag even at the ... more
        • Thanks Linda.laurie rufus and stella, Tue Nov 14 10:03am
          It really is painful to loose them but I know he is in a better place. He was an awesome dog and was loved and spoiled his entire life.
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