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Some good things....
Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:10pm

Sundog and Barney both made the Doodle Kisses Labradoodle 2018 calendar. Check it out. (One picture of Sundog and another picture of both Sundog and Barney together.) I'm so proud of them both.

Sundog also made the 2018 365 Dogs calendar. I think I posted that earlier. I believe she is May 30th.

We bought the vacant lot beside us. Construction on the new fence started on the day that Sundog died. She would have loved the new yard. However, she did have several walks and even a few outlaw runs, so she did get to experience her new yard. Barney loves the new yard. Anyway, the fencing is complete. We've also completed the plantings. It's really awesome. I'll post some pictures when the entire project is finished. (We want to gravel the old fenced in yard. The old yard is contained by fencing but connects with the new yard.)

We will try to get a new puppy in the spring or summer. We have already put in an application. We'll just see how it goes. We still miss Sundog tremendously.

    • So many memories in photosSue(Kramer&Chip), Thu Nov 16 11:10pm
      So hard to move on, but you have to I guess. A puppy starts a whole new chapter.
      • I love that I have many photos and videos.SD&B, Fri Nov 17 12:26am
        I can't look at/watch them yet. I'm sure I'll enjoy them again after some time has passed. We won't be getting the puppy until spring or summer. I would have preferred to keep Sundog a few more years ... more
    • Re: Some good things....Marsha, Maggie&Ziva, Thu Nov 16 5:04pm
      It's good to hear you sounding like you are having a good day! You can be missing your Sundog and still find things to be happy about. She would like that.
    • Deb, this is wonderful to hear. Bless your hearts. xo (nm)Kate and her "Y" Girls, Thu Nov 16 12:59pm
      • Thank you.SD&B, Fri Nov 17 12:34am
        We think a puppy will be good for everyone. We are talking about names and other New Puppy things. We still miss Sundog tremendously and will for a long time.
    • Hugs! Your first step towards recovery. (nm)Bev, Holly, Callie, Thu Nov 16 12:19pm
    • I'm so happy for you have decided o another pup.Jan, Kozie Girl and Miss Sylvie, Thu Nov 16 12:01pm
      I'm so glad you have decided to get a puppy, I can't put into words how getting our Gerty has helped in our healing from losing Kozzie Girl. Gerty hasn't and will never replace Koz, but she has made... more
      • We are hopingSD&B, Fri Nov 17 12:33am
        that we can't help but smile at crazy puppy antics too. I'm glad to hear that Gerty has brought some joy into your home.
    • :)Leslie, Kirby &Daisy, Wed Nov 15 9:42pm
      So exciting about a puppy. I found the void of not having two dogs to be unbearable. Daisy in no way replaces Dexter (she has a totally different personality) but being back to a 2 dog house did... more
      • I think you are right.SD&B, Fri Nov 17 12:31am
        Having two dogs again will seem normal. Sundog and Barney were a great pair. I hope you get a puppy, but that it's years and years in the future when the kids are older.
    • I am so delighted that you will beSoogee and Doc, Wed Nov 15 6:45pm
      looking at a puppy come Spring/Summer. I honestly believe that a young puppy in your home will perk everyone up, including Barney. The fact that Sundog made the calendar is so cool. It is another way ... more
      • I think SD&B, Fri Nov 17 12:29am
        a New Puppy will be good for everyone in the house. Is Wally still coming on December 20th? Is that the correct date? I am very happy that you are welcoming Wally into your home. I think it needs a... more
    • Sending hugs. Good things do help. (nm)laurie rufus and stella, Wed Nov 15 11:58am
      • Thank you.SD&B, Fri Nov 17 12:27am
        Sending hugs back to you.
    • :)) You will want to keep those forever. Anita , Wed Nov 15 11:44am
      You will always miss Sundog it will just quit hurting eventually and she will make you smile. Yard sounds great. Jake has a nice space also at his semi new house by now!
    • HUGS! (nm)jackie&duke&delilah, Wed Nov 15 11:00am
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