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If Roo has not made his list I recommend a Waggle and a
Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:25am

hurley! Jake's favorites and durable. Jake always runs for a toy when someone arrives as he thinks all guests have come to play with him :))

  • Roo made me laugh tonight. We taught him toMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Wed Nov 22 12:38am
    get a toy when we come in and he's excited which discourages jumping. If he gets overstimulated when the itty bitties (grandkids!) come over, he will go get a toy instead of jumping. I recently did a ... more
    • Ha,so cute. They are quite inventive,Soogee and Doc, Wed Nov 22 10:13pm
      aren't they? I never taught Doc to get a toy because he got something himself. I guess it works like a pacifier. Doc use to go nuts when the UPS guy came to the door. They came quite often. What Doc... more
    • If Roo has not made his list I recommend a Waggle and a — Anita, Wed Nov 22 9:25am
      • Thanks for the suggestions Anita!Linda P and Maxwell, Wed Nov 22 2:27pm
        We too have a big assortment of half chewed toys with squeakers removed. I go around every day and pile them up in a corner. Max is still willing to chew them, even though they don't squeak any more. ... more
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