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:( It was probably at least a year after my Grand dog Miss
Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:12pm

Sunnie died that Jake and I were getting off the interstate. There was a bread bakery nearby. The aroma was very strong. I said " That would be driving Miss Sunni crazy" Jake's head whipped around and he just knew she might be there :(( She loved bread and at times the air at her home was full of the aroma and she would just take in the scents.

  • I toatally understand...laurie rufus and stella, Sat Nov 25 8:21am
    People ask me if I think Stella is depressed... missing Rufus. I think she is ok and then yesterday I found her lying alone in the living room on the dog bed he spent time on during his last days.... more
    • People ask me that about Barney.SD&B, Sat Nov 25 4:56pm
      I think he is okay, but once in a while he seems just a bit confused. He took so many of his cues from Sundog. But he's getting along well without her and seems happy. I wonder if it helped that we... more
      • Yes, the final visit was needed.LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Sun Nov 26 12:18am
        There are studies among other animals showing the importance of letting survivors see the companions that have left them. We had an incident not long ago. Ozzie was staying with his friends up the... more
    • :( It was probably at least a year after my Grand dog Miss — Anita , Sat Nov 25 12:12pm
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