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Yes, the final visit was needed.
Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:18am

There are studies among other animals showing the importance of letting survivors see the companions that have left them. We had an incident not long ago. Ozzie was staying with his friends up the street who had "Max." Ozzie and Max were the most incredible friends. They would play together like mad dogs. They would play till they dropped and then chew on each other. Ozzie of course tops the scales at 45 lbs and Max was a Coton de Tulear weighing in at about 15. Sadly Max died when he was only 5 years old of liver shunt. This was at least 7 years ago. We were gone when it happened so there were no goodbyes. So...after that background, when my friend was talking to Ozzie during his visit, she said "Ozzie, I remember when you and Max played together." She said Ozzie perked up his ears, looked around, got up, and started looking for Max. She said it almost broke her heart, as it did mine when she told me the story. So they do remember their special people, both dogs and humans, I do believe. I wonder what Barney is going to think about pupster?? That's going to be interesting. He may be very resentful in the beginning, but eventually he will adore having a new friend.

  • People ask me that about Barney.SD&B, Sat Nov 25 4:56pm
    I think he is okay, but once in a while he seems just a bit confused. He took so many of his cues from Sundog. But he's getting along well without her and seems happy. I wonder if it helped that we... more
    • Yes, the final visit was needed. — LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Sun Nov 26 12:18am
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