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What a great yard!!! You should open a doggy park. (nm)
Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:04am

  • A couple of pics from today.SD&B, Sat Nov 25 10:25pm
    Here is Barney in his new yard. The pine needles seem to prick him when he tries to sit or lay, so we bought him a coolaroo (elevated dog bed). He seems to like it. You can see the fence in the... more
    • New yard!marcia, kiley & cody (rip), Wed Nov 29 9:05am
      Barney has a great new fenced yard to run around in. He is looking good :-)
    • These are great photos of Barney.Soogee and Doc, Sun Nov 26 10:31pm
      He looks so beautiful. And that Doodle nose of his!! Love those Doodle noses. By the way, how do you know that Sundog does not know about the new fence? They never do leave you, you know. I know this ... more
      • Sundog knew all about the fence.SD&B, Mon Nov 27 1:41am
        Besides the many outlaw runs she had on the area of the new yard, she also walked the fence line many times while we were staking it out. After all, both she and Barney had to approve it.... more
    • What a great yard!!! You should open a doggy park. (nm) — Peggy(Rocky), Sun Nov 26 6:04am
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