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Melissa, Roo, and Ellie
I just want to pick him up, smell his puppy breath, and kiss
Mon Nov 27, 2017 1:06am

That perfect little nose! I love his fur! I love his coloring! I love that he is yours!!!! Wally looks very similar to a pup Barb had several years ago that my husband wanted to purchase for me as a surprise after Chance died. He reminded me of a little Ewok and I wanted him so badly. I got so excited until DH said Barb decided not to sell the pup to us because she had concerns about us being an appropriate family for one of her pups so the whole thing fell through and my feelings were so hurt. I guess things work out the way they are meant to and iíve Been blessed with my loyal, handsome Roo and Ellie my sweet princess puppy girl. I can hardly wait until wallet is home with you and Mort!

  • Another WALLY photo sent to me bySoogee and Doc, Sun Nov 26 10:57pm
    Barbinca. You will notice that he is not walking in my yard yet. I'm beginning to dream about him. What could this mean?? LOL, LOL, I think I know...I am itching to get my hands on him. Do you think... more
    • Makes me want more doodles!Linda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH, Wed Nov 29 10:37am
      Even though the puppy training aspects are harder than I remember from when Bear was a pup 14 1/2 years ago.
      • You are so lucky to have Bear forSoogee and Doc, Wed Nov 29 11:07pm
        14.5 years. So many dogs with different parents do not live that long. Bear has been blessed to see a good long life for dogs.
    • Wally is such a cutie...marcia, kiley & cody (rip), Wed Nov 29 9:09am
      I just want to reach thru my laptop screen and pick him & put him in my lap, LOL! I don't know how you can stand the suspense, Soogee, except that he is getting training which will be a big help to... more
      • It's hard, Marcia, I've been waitingSoogee and Doc, Thu Nov 30 1:24am
        for over 3.5 years for another doodle since Doc died. I understand that with Nutmeg getting old for a dog (she lived to see her 16th birthday) a young puppy would have been too much for Nutmeg.... more
    • I just want to pick him up, smell his puppy breath, and kiss — Melissa, Roo, and Ellie, Mon Nov 27 1:06am
      • Oh, thank you for such a wonderfulSoogee and Doc, Mon Nov 27 4:03am
        post. What I don't understand is why Barb felt you were not right for her pup. I know she often donates a puppy as a service dog. I wonder what was on her mind. I am thinking about that little one... more
        • I'm sure it boiled down to the needs of the pup, as well it Melissa, Roo, and Ellie, Mon Nov 27 6:02pm
          should be. Wally looks so much much like that little guy that it made me think about him. You won't put your little ball of fluff down once he gets to you! He is going to love you soooooo much!
          • I came back to reread your post. ISoogee and Doc, Tue Nov 28 2:15am
            wish there was some way you could come and meet and play with our little Wally. Of course, we don't have him yet. It made me sad because I got the feeling that you really, really would love to play... more
          • Gosh Melissa, I hope so. I have soSoogee and Doc, Tue Nov 28 1:04am
            much love yet inside me for one of the canine group. need to share it. Your words are very kind. Thank you.
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