Soogee and Doc
It's hard, Marcia, I've been waiting
Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:24am

for over 3.5 years for another doodle since Doc died. I understand that with Nutmeg getting old for a dog (she lived to see her 16th birthday) a young puppy would have been too much for Nutmeg. Waiting for time to pass was very difficult and just wasted the time away. I am happy that Barb is helping us with her training.

  • Wally is such a cutie...marcia, kiley & cody (rip), Wed Nov 29 9:09am
    I just want to reach thru my laptop screen and pick him & put him in my lap, LOL! I don't know how you can stand the suspense, Soogee, except that he is getting training which will be a big help to... more
    • It's hard, Marcia, I've been waiting — Soogee and Doc, Thu Nov 30 1:24am
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