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Thanks, Soogee
Sat Dec 2, 2017 6:13pm

I think Momsy and Popsy were more tuckered out than I was. After all, they did all the driving. I had the whole back seat of the car all to myself and got to sleep whenever I wanted.

I just heard Momsy suggest to Popsy that we do another road trip next summer - maybe to Western Canada.

  • Happy Birthday, you look like you hadSoogee and Doc, Sat Dec 2 3:53am
    a wonderful vacation. What fun to get to go with your mom and dad. You must be all tuckered out from all that fun. I look forward to your next trip and all that running around. Welcome home.
    • Thanks, Soogee — Shalom, Sat Dec 2 6:13pm
      • Shalom, I would not mind traveling inSoogee and Doc, Sun Dec 3 12:28am
        the back seat with you. We could nap all over each other. Canada sound like fun. Maybe I could bring Wally with us.
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