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Soogee and Doc
KELLY DUNCAN...You sweet Lady, I received a
Sat Dec 2, 2017 11:11pm

surprise box from you yesterday. When I opened it I had a big smile. I had just within the past few weeks,discovered it myself. I was quite interested in getting it for myself but decided not to due to all the expense of the holiday. I put myself at the end of the list and thought I'd get it for myself when the holiday was over. Perhaps Doc had stayed my hand from ordering it for myself because e knew it was coming to me anyway. I love it. It has some wonderful stories and poems written with humor and feeling. It gives the reader a warm look into the family cat and dog. Thank you for remembering me.

    • You are very welcomeKelly, Mac and Roni, Sun Dec 3 1:14am
      It looked like a very cute book, and it had good reviews. I thought maybe it would keep you busy for a few hours during your, what must seem like, interminable wait.
      • It doesn't take me that long to readSoogee and Doc, Sun Dec 3 1:34am
        the book. However, I study the photos as if I am there. I do that sort of thing. And you're right. Waiting for Wally should be a movie. It feels like a long wait. But my time has been filled with... more
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