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You are very welcome
Sun Dec 3, 2017 1:14am

It looked like a very cute book, and it had good reviews. I thought maybe it would keep you busy for a few hours during your, what must seem like, interminable wait.

  • KELLY DUNCAN...You sweet Lady, I received aSoogee and Doc, Sat Dec 2 11:11pm
    surprise box from you yesterday. When I opened it I had a big smile. I had just within the past few weeks,discovered it myself. I was quite interested in getting it for myself but decided not to due... more
    • You are very welcome — Kelly, Mac and Roni, Sun Dec 3 1:14am
      • It doesn't take me that long to readSoogee and Doc, Sun Dec 3 1:34am
        the book. However, I study the photos as if I am there. I do that sort of thing. And you're right. Waiting for Wally should be a movie. It feels like a long wait. But my time has been filled with... more
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