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I have been on so long I can only remember 1/2 of the info!
Sun Dec 3, 2017 5:56pm

Think dogs name was Murphy and she did sonograms!! Was involved in several of the first meet ups! OK Someone fill in the blanks! :)))

  • Breeder near Orlando, GoldendoodleLisa Reagan and Palmer, Sun Dec 3 10:55am
    A friend's sister is interested in finding a Goldendoodle breeder, she lives in Orlando.
    • Moss Creek is in central Florida!!sher (MadMacMar), Wed Dec 6 10:37am I know people who have dogs from there, and they used to be (and I believe still are) on an approved list from other doodle forums.
    • I've been on these forums for a long time and I Peggy(Rocky), Sun Dec 3 3:11pm
      think I remember a breeder in Florida named Moss Creek. This is going back a number of years.
      • Off topic...Peggy, why don't you openSoogee and Doc, Mon Dec 4 9:56pm
        The Zoo in the morning as you use to do? It's your call to morning that brings everyone out. I know with the holiday approaching fast most have other things to do than to sit down at the computer.... more
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