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Soogee and Doc
It gives me an adrenaline rush every
Sun Dec 3, 2017 10:16pm

time I log on and see my baby up there in the header. I was finally able to give Mort the name of something I wanted for Christmas. Usually I tell him (honestly) nothing. But, this year, I want a better camera so I can get good pictures of my Wally. But I have no idea what I want. I don't need fancy, just good with lots of pixels. I have not touched my camera since Nutmeg died.

But I thank you again, Sher, in putting my soon to have baby up in the header. Hugs and thanks.

    • Still catching upKit and Maggie, Sun Dec 10 5:38pm
      Ah, I see Wally is still on his way. Can you get a new smart phone and take pictures with it? When it comes to snapshots, my iPhone is way better than a mini camera would be. I love my smart phone,... more
      • I am not of this computerized generation.Soogee and Doc, Mon Dec 11 2:48am
        Because I am house bound I almost never use my cell phone. I am still using a flip top. It has camera use but I have never taken a single photo with it. I have no idea what to do to send it or... more
    • With so many of us losing our older babies ...sher (MadMacMar), Wed Dec 6 10:35am
      ... it was just time to revel in a new pup!! Wally makes me smile every time I come here too. You're so welcome, Soogee!
    • That's a great present!SD&B, Sun Dec 3 11:32pm
      You will love taking lots and lots of pictures. It's an activity that I love and that I engaged in today with Barney.
      • I know your pictures, Deb. I haveSoogee and Doc, Sun Dec 3 11:54pm
        many of them in my photos. I told you, I so love(d) your dogs and your trust in 'off lead'. They both looked so happy on your many walks and hikes.
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