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Linda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH
Aw, so sorry you have lost Kiley.
Tue Dec 5, 2017 2:41pm

15 and a half years is a marvelous run. We all wish our doodles could have been with us that long.

That first group from RM did have some marvelous dogs in it. Sweet, funny, smart-as-whip described our Bear as well. All good memories but never long enough.

  • R.I.P. Kileymarcia, Mon Dec 4 4:24pm
    Our sweet, funny, smart-as-a-whip Labradoodle, Kiley, died this afternoon at the age of 15 years and 8 months. Kiley was the little sister of Airedale Willow and then, in 2006, became the big sister... more
    • Thinking of youKit and Maggie, Sun Dec 10 5:31pm
      I was sorry to read this. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
    • Tears falling here as I read this. I'm soKate and her "Y" Girls, Wed Dec 6 11:00am
      sorry for your huge loss. Too many of our beloved Doodles have gone on to their next chapter, at the Rainbow Bridge. I thank G-d you had each other for so long. RIP pretty one and run like the wind.... more
      • Thanks, Katemarcia, Wed Dec 6 3:45pm
        Thank you for your kind message, Kate. Give your girls an extra hug from me today!
    • Oh Marcia ... you have my deepest, truest sympathysher (MadMacMar), Wed Dec 6 10:34am
      We have buried two from hemangiosarcoma, both found in the spleen. Our Madison died at 8 yrs, and Mackenzie at 11 yrs. It's an awful, awful disease. While I'm so sorry you have lost sweet Kiley, what ... more
      • Thank you, Shermarcia, Wed Dec 6 3:44pm
        Thank you for your kind message, Sher. We lost both Cody and Kiley to hemangiosarcoma this year. (Cody was almost 11 when he died in January.) What a terrible disease. I feel sad about Madison and... more
    • Iím so sorry, Marcia,Marcelle, Luigi (rip), Rocco & Dino, Wed Dec 6 9:30am
      I remember your Kiley- what a nice long life he had with you, although never long enough. God bless you through this time and I pray the good memories will help comfort you and bring healing to your... more
      • Thanks, Marcellemarcia, Wed Dec 6 3:36pm
        Thank you, Marcelle, I appreciate your kind message. Hugs to Rocco & Dino!
    • Awee I am so sorry.Cindy Raider & Oakleys Autumn, Wed Dec 6 6:37am
      What a great age and life to live to. So so lucky. It is never easy and I cry for you knowing how you feel as we also lost 2 so close. May she RIP
      • Thank you, Cindymarcia, Wed Dec 6 3:36pm
        Thanks for your message, Cindy. We are heart broken while, at the same time, feeling grateful that Kiley lived a long and happy life.
    • Aw, so sorry you have lost Kiley. — Linda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH, Tue Dec 5 2:41pm
      • Thank you, Lindamarcia, Tue Dec 5 5:15pm
        Thanks so much for your message, Linda P. I think most, if not all, of our first doodle friends from RM have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Sending hugs to Max!
    • KileyKelly, Mac and Roni, Tue Dec 5 3:50am
      I was so sorry to hear about Kiley. My heart hurts for all of those who have lost their furbabies. Kiley and my Mac were about the same age. Mac turned 15 on April 9th of this year. We almost lost... more
      • Thanks, Kellymarcia, Tue Dec 5 4:23am
        Thank you for your post, Kelly. I'm glad to hear that Mac is doing well!
    • R.I.P KileyMonica & Suzie, Tue Dec 5 12:17am
      Magic will be waiting for Kiley with open paws... Kiley was one of our first doodle pals for sure xxxxxxx
      • Thanks, Monicamarcia, Tue Dec 5 4:26am
        Thank you, Monica. I like to think that Kiley was met by Willow and Cody and by Magic, one of her first doodle friends, as well as other doodle friends who went before her. No matter how long they... more
    • It makes my heart so sad to hear ofSoogee and Doc, Mon Dec 4 9:38pm
      another of The Zoo's Old Timers passing on. They leave behind a legacy of such deep love, one that creates a wound so deep and raw that healing in itself seems impossible. I know. I have been there.... more
      • Thank you Soogeemarcia, Tue Dec 5 4:30am
        Thank you for your beautiful and heartfelt post, Sue. I loved Kiley with all my heart, and am so grateful to her for living almost a year after her younger "brother" Cody died. I think she willed... more
    • Where did the time go? Just yesterday Kiley was a puppy and Maya, Wy, Woo, Wei and Wyn, Mon Dec 4 9:29pm
      Willow was watching over her in her typically elegant Airedale way. Itís hard to comprehend that they are all passed on. Itís never easy to lose such a dear companion but itís very hard when you lose ... more
      • Thank you, Mayamarcia, Tue Dec 5 4:32am
        Thank you for your compassionate post, to Maya. It helps to have friends like you who understand. My very best to you and the W's.
    • So very sorry for your loss. We are sovicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Mon Dec 4 9:06pm
      lucky to have these amazing dogs. That is why it hurts so much to lose them. Hugs
      • Vickimarcia, Tue Dec 5 4:33am
        Thanks, so much Vicki. I appreciate your kind thoughts and words.
    • R.I.P., KileyPhyllis/Shalom, Mon Dec 4 6:52pm
      It is so hard to watch the gradual loss of the 'charter members' of our Zoo. My heart hurts for you Marcia. Hemangiosarcoma of the spleen is exactly what stole Quintzy from us two years ago. You are... more
      • Thank you, Phyllismarcia, Tue Dec 5 4:37am
        Yes, we've seen the passing of so many of the first doodle friends we made. And though we've never met, we feel we know them, as we watched them grow from puppies, to mature dogs, to seniors. Dick... more
    • I am so sorry.SD&B, Mon Dec 4 5:20pm
      I know you loved Kiley and that she will be missed tremendously.
      • Thank youmarcia, Tue Dec 5 4:39am
        Thank you, Deb. Thinking of you and sending you a hug.
    • be long enough for us! Jake will be 13 in May . Seems healthy and active but he has completely changed :( Now an outside dog and winter is on its way :( Huggs, I am sure you need!
      • Thank youmarcia, Tue Dec 5 4:39am
        Thanks so much for your kind message, Anita. I hope Jake has many more healthy years!
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