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Oh you precious boy! Happy Belated
Wed Dec 6, 2017 10:12pm

Birthday & Many More!!!!

  • I'm TWO YEARS OLD today! (picture overload)Shalom (with Phyllis), Fri Dec 1 1:57pm
    Hello to all my pals on the Zoo. As a special birthday present to me, Momsy has allowed me to take over her computer for a bit so that I can share what I've been up to during the last year. For those ... more
    • Happy Birthday, Shalom!marcia, Tue Dec 12 8:05am
      I LOVED seeing your year in pictures. It looks like a year of fun and adventure for you, Momsy and Popsy. Wishing you a Happy Birthday! P.S. I hope Momsy will let you at her computer more often!!
    • Oh you precious boy! Happy Belated — vicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Wed Dec 6 10:12pm
    • Happy Birthday Shalom! You and I share a birthday!Linda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH, Sat Dec 2 12:58pm
      Except I'm not two years old. I could not have done as well as you did posting all these photos when I was two! A good year for a beautiful girl!
    • Happy Birthday, you look like you hadSoogee and Doc, Sat Dec 2 3:53am
      a wonderful vacation. What fun to get to go with your mom and dad. You must be all tuckered out from all that fun. I look forward to your next trip and all that running around. Welcome home.
      • Thanks, SoogeeShalom, Sat Dec 2 6:13pm
        I think Momsy and Popsy were more tuckered out than I was. After all, they did all the driving. I had the whole back seat of the car all to myself and got to sleep whenever I wanted. I just heard... more
        • Shalom, I would not mind traveling inSoogee and Doc, Sun Dec 3 12:28am
          the back seat with you. We could nap all over each other. Canada sound like fun. Maybe I could bring Wally with us.
    • Happy Birthday, Shalom!SD&B, Fri Dec 1 4:41pm
      It looks like you've had a wonderful year. I'm sure that you filled that year with joy for Momsy and Popsy too. I hope you have many more great years with Momsy and Popsy.
    • Sorry for the picture sizesPhyllis/Shalom, Fri Dec 1 2:04pm
      Hi everyone, Shalom has asked me to apologize for the size of some of the images in her birthday post. Please scroll to see the fill width of the oversized pictures.
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