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Nope. Not kidding.
Thu Dec 7, 2017 12:12am

I ordered them online. They have some nice designs. The prices are good. The quality is good. I can order them in units of 1. (For example, I can order 21 if I want. I don't have to order two sets of 20 to get 21.) If I need something quick, I can order on photo paper and pick up in an hour. (Yours is a stationery paper card which is only available online.) Check it out for your future needs.

Shutterfly has some very nice cards too. There are so many options out there for cards these days.

  • Walmart?? Tell me you're kidding.Soogee and Doc, Wed Dec 6 11:36pm
    Boy, wish I had known. They are really nice cards and right up my alley. The look knocks Shutterfly right off the line.
    • Nope. Not kidding. — SD&B, Thu Dec 7 12:12am
      • Some times the more you have toSoogee and Doc, Thu Dec 7 1:35am
        choose from, the harder it is to make up your mind. I was annoyed with Shutterfly this year. I needed 62 cards. They would not allow that split number. They offered 50 and the next number was 100. I... more
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