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Peg. I wouls love to send you a cad, but do not have your ad (nm
Thu Dec 7, 2017 9:48am

  • I love it! I so enjoy the rustic outdoorSoogee and Doc, Wed Dec 6 10:39pm
    look to your card. The pine needles and pine cones and wood look. Something so simple and so inviting. Debbie (Sundog & Barney) card has a look very much like yours. I really loves them. I have never ... more
    • Shhhh....SD&B, Wed Dec 6 10:52pm
      My secret? I got mine at Walmart.
      • Walmart?? Tell me you're kidding.Soogee and Doc, Wed Dec 6 11:36pm
        Boy, wish I had known. They are really nice cards and right up my alley. The look knocks Shutterfly right off the line.
        • Nope. Not kidding.SD&B, Thu Dec 7 12:12am
          I ordered them online. They have some nice designs. The prices are good. The quality is good. I can order them in units of 1. (For example, I can order 21 if I want. I don't have to order two sets of ... more
          • Some times the more you have toSoogee and Doc, Thu Dec 7 1:35am
            choose from, the harder it is to make up your mind. I was annoyed with Shutterfly this year. I needed 62 cards. They would not allow that split number. They offered 50 and the next number was 100. I... more
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