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Soogee and Wally
Got a quick glimps of the gold blur.
Wed Dec 27, 2017 6:37pm

It's a strange creature, the gold blur. It seems to quietly come up to you when you're not looking. It then suddenly jumps up upon my lap and crawls up to my chest. I can feel the attack coming. It starts giving me little kisses but when I am not paying attention it tries to eat my face. I did get a partial picture of the blur after an attack. It is a blur in motion. I can see it's attack on other creatures. All seems quiet but I suddenly see a small, blue stuffed dog go flying by. Another attack. I see a large, blue bear with hidden babies. That does not matter to the gold blur. I can hear one of the babies squealing. That poor baby wants it's mommy. Then suddenly I see the mommy and her babies go flying. I must capture this blur to save the other stuffed animals. They are relying on me to save them. They do not know that the golden blur tries to eat my face. I try to spare them the news.

I have a plan to capture this golden blur and get a really good look at what attacks me every day. It's quite fast but I must be faster. This is all I saw...

    • :)Leslie, Kirby & Daisy , Sat Dec 30 9:52pm
      Im so happy for you. I can feel the happiness and joy in your posts. Hes absolutely adorable. Happy New Year :)
    • Good for you!Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Wed Dec 27 10:31pm
      Maxwell has been too wiggly for good photos, unless he is being held, or the camera is very very fast, so I fully understand this situation. Looks like you are doing well actually.
      • hanks, Linda, I must admit that mySoogee and Wally, Wed Dec 27 10:43pm
        gold blur that eats my face (and makes me giggle) is not our first puppy. It is, however, the first puppy in over 13.5 years. Puppies are so darn cute and this one is perfect with a face I absolutely ... more
    • I will try pcture again.Soogee and Wally, Wed Dec 27 6:39pm
      • Wally is a lover for sure!!!!! (nm)Peggy(Rocky), Fri Dec 29 6:04am
      • LOL! SD&B, Wed Dec 27 9:01pm
        Did the Golden Blur escape to wreak havoc once again?
        • It's hard to say since it movesSoogee and Wally, Wed Dec 27 11:00pm
          stealthily through it's captives abode. It seems to dart in and out of lit areas to hide beside the Mistress, blending in to the color of the carpeting. It feigns innocence when questioned by this... more
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