I know how you feel my husband was the same way when
Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:10am

my Sam died. I wanted another doodle but for the same reasons he was against it. Well he finally gave in and now we have Rocky. I couldn't be happier .

  • Missing Sammy this holiday seasonEve/Sampson RIP, Wed Dec 27 9:26am
    We are really having a problem getting over the loss our Sammy. We keep saying no more dogs but although we don't miss walking dog in bad weather, never going away for too long because we miss our... more
    • I know how you feel my husband was the same way when — Peggy(Rocky), Fri Dec 29 6:10am
    • The loss is a heartbreaking one...Mitzi, Rowley & Sawyer(rip), Wed Dec 27 10:54pm
      Sawyer has been gone for 5 years. It's rare that a day passes w/o thinking of him. This season has hit harder than the past few years, although I can't explain why. Rowley is my shadow, and we love... more
    • I understandKit and Maggie, Wed Dec 27 7:29pm
      As much attention as Maggie needs, and as funny as she can be sometimes, I will always miss Travis. He was my boy, and he left a huge hole when he passed. So I get it. But I would say to let enough... more
      • you just gave mer a lot to think aboutEve/Sampson RIP, Fri Dec 29 8:01am
        you're right. You just reminded me that when we got Sammy we were comparing him to the golden retriever we lost. Fortunately Sammy stole our hearts.
    • I know how that is. We had to have aLinda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH, Wed Dec 27 5:57pm
      dog in our house right away, it was too sad. I'm so happy we have Maxwell, a very sweet guy. He has his own personality and doesn't replace Bear. In our hearts there is still a hole left by Bear that ... more
      • I'm so happy it worked out for you...Eve/Sampson RIP, Fri Dec 29 8:12am
        ... I remember all the zoo doodles passing including Bear. I've been at the zoo for 12 yrs and it was sad seeing the dogs passing one by one. It was heartbreaking to the point that I was actually... more
    • I know how you feel. At least we have Barney, who has been an angel. I would hate a dogless home. I actually love having smaller (medium size) dogs. Barney is about 30 pounds. Small enough to pick up ... more
      • Oh yes, your losing Sundog so suddenly was a shock... Eve/Sampson RIP, Fri Dec 29 9:08am
        ...I was so proud that I had finally figured out which one was which in the pictures, do you remember that? Wow you have size and weight down and that's a good thing. I think IF dh comes around I... more
        • Ha, ha. Yes, I remember.SD&B, Fri Dec 29 3:41pm
          It's so hard to take a good picture of a black dog and it's hard to tell two black dogs apart when they are together in a picture. You did good! :) Once a Zooer, always a Zooer! Kate and Maci have... more
    • I know how you feel. We still have our big boy jackie&duke&delilah, Wed Dec 27 9:59am
      Duke, who is 11 and a half, but we miss Delilah so much. DH says no to a 2nd dog again. We need some freedom wwhen Duke goes.I NEVER want to walk in to a dogless house. We are all Doodle people... more
      • yes, I thought the freedom would be a plus...Eve/Sampson RIP, Fri Dec 29 9:27am
        because we never took a long vacation because we hated leaving Sammy, just 1-2 day trips, mostly to family functions. We did a lot of travelling in the past and are at the age where we're happy... more
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