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Eve/Sampson RIP
a future grandson sent DH a cup with Sammys pic...
Fri Dec 29, 2017 7:56am

...on it for Christmas but it's still hard for him to look at it. Of all the dogs we've had, this loss affected him the most. I actually made a joke because he said he didn't want to go through putting another dog down so I said, "at your age, the dog will probably outlive you" Even he had to laugh. I took that as a positive sign. Actually that is one of the reasons we hesitate getting a dog, I would have to be sure that there was someone who would take care and love him/her if something happened to us.

  • The loss is a heartbreaking one...Mitzi, Rowley & Sawyer(rip), Wed Dec 27 10:54pm
    Sawyer has been gone for 5 years. It's rare that a day passes w/o thinking of him. This season has hit harder than the past few years, although I can't explain why. Rowley is my shadow, and we love... more
    • a future grandson sent DH a cup with Sammys pic... — Eve/Sampson RIP, Fri Dec 29 7:56am
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