Eve/Sampson RIP
I'm so happy it worked out for you...
Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:12am

... I remember all the zoo doodles passing including Bear. I've been at the zoo for 12 yrs and it was sad seeing the dogs passing one by one. It was heartbreaking to the point that I was actually experiencing depression because I knew that I would lose Sammy someday too. That's why I hesitate getting another dog...with that said, I will say it's been a joy seeing all the new fur babies here.

  • I know how that is. We had to have aLinda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH, Wed Dec 27 5:57pm
    dog in our house right away, it was too sad. I'm so happy we have Maxwell, a very sweet guy. He has his own personality and doesn't replace Bear. In our hearts there is still a hole left by Bear that ... more
    • I'm so happy it worked out for you... — Eve/Sampson RIP, Fri Dec 29 8:12am
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