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When there is so much hate and evil in our
Fri Dec 29, 2017 9:57am

world. We just have to look at our friends on the Zoo to find goodness and caring. Reaching out and touching someone we have never physically met but connect with almost daily. We feel the love and respect from others through our silly doodles. Thank-you and Happy New Year.

  • Thoughtful SooGee sent the most beautiful ornament Karan, Mom to Goldendoodle Nick, Fri Dec 29 12:56am
    A dog angel that will go on my tree from now on. And it was in the prettiest box, with a lovely card. Thank you...knowing how many people have been touched by Nick does help...
    • Yes, and just thinkKit and Maggie, Mon Jan 1 7:16pm
      of all the people she brought joy to in her roles as Sandy over the years! Miss Nick is probably the reason for many doodle puppies in your area! You were so lucky to have each other for as long as... more
    • What you posted, Karan, is very beautiful.Soogee and Wally, Sat Dec 30 12:19am
      And I thank you very much for that. I am deeply touched by the passing of all our doodles. One by one they have been called Home. They all gather at the Rainbow Bridge as they play while waiting for... more
    • When there is so much hate and evil in our — jackie&duke&delilah, Fri Dec 29 9:57am
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