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What did the other dog do?
Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:08pm

Was the other dog impolite in some way? Did the other dog invade his space? We can't expect a dog to tolerate others' behaviors when we as humans wouldn't. Why do you/the trainer think he was fearful?

Also, what happened after your dog growled? Did the other dog go away? Did your dog become happy after the other dog moved away? Did you dog give chase or anything else?

My dogs have spent a lot of time off leash in the woods and have encountered other dogs in the woods too. Sometimes everyone just runs past or with everyone until the parties separate in a few moments. Sometimes we will do the side sit or walk by with a leash/harness grab. All depends on the situation.

Sometimes dogs are much more reactive on leash. Off leash can actually help a dog be less fearful in many situations. It's just harder for the owner to control if the situation gets out of hand if the dogs are off leash.

We love off leash romps and have done it a million times. It's great for the right dogs and right people in the right places. I think it generally makes everyone happy and even improves overall dog behavior.

  • aggressionJuanelle, Sat Dec 30 10:05am
    I have a 2 year old labradoodle. He has been the absolute best dog I have ever had. He is loving, playful, smart etc. One of my reasons for getting him was so I could have a partner mountain bike... more
    • At 2 years he is going thru anew faze. With vicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Sun Dec 31 10:05pm
      a little of the trainers advise I think he will fine. Around 2 they hit that fear stage. He will get thru it. You obviously are doing a great job with him! He is a lucky doodle!
    • Here are 2 suggestions - first work at home on come, sit and down. Reinforce it on the trail as well. Hi value treats. Lots of praise. Every single time you see someone else on the trail, he comes to ... more
    • What did the other dog do? — SD&B, Sat Dec 30 8:08pm
      • replyJuanelle, Sun Dec 31 10:15pm
        The other dog came between my son and I (which was a big space) and they sniffed each other's tushis. When my dog growled, my son grabbed him and firmly told him no. I called him and he happily came. ... more
        • Just a thoughtKit and Maggie, Mon Jan 1 7:30pm
          It may have been the presence of your son that made the difference. He may feel protective of your son, especially if your son is a child? But maybe even if not. Mags is very protective of my EDD on... more
        • It's hard to judge from hereSD&B, Sun Dec 31 10:47pm
          but it doesn't sound like it was truly problematic. Dogs communicate and that's okay. If he was happy after and nothing happened and he obeyed you coming when you called, it doesn't sound too bad.... more
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