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Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:15pm

The other dog came between my son and I (which was a big space) and they sniffed each other's tushis. When my dog growled, my son grabbed him and firmly told him no. I called him and he happily came. The trainer used her dogs around him and no growling. If I keep a quick pace when meeting other dogs, he happily runs past. I appreciate the positive comments. I am going to try working on obedience at home and walking on leash when I can. I am continuing to let him run with me against the trainer's suggestions. I am truly hoping he out grows this quickly. I have never had any problems with him. I don't think he has even chewed up any toys! He was the perfect dog until this happened. Hopefully, it is just a small bump in the road.

  • What did the other dog do?SD&B, Sat Dec 30 8:08pm
    Was the other dog impolite in some way? Did the other dog invade his space? We can't expect a dog to tolerate others' behaviors when we as humans wouldn't. Why do you/the trainer think he was... more
    • reply — Juanelle, Sun Dec 31 10:15pm
      • Just a thoughtKit and Maggie, Mon Jan 1 7:30pm
        It may have been the presence of your son that made the difference. He may feel protective of your son, especially if your son is a child? But maybe even if not. Mags is very protective of my EDD on... more
      • It's hard to judge from hereSD&B, Sun Dec 31 10:47pm
        but it doesn't sound like it was truly problematic. Dogs communicate and that's okay. If he was happy after and nothing happened and he obeyed you coming when you called, it doesn't sound too bad.... more
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