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It's hard to judge from here
Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:47pm

but it doesn't sound like it was truly problematic. Dogs communicate and that's okay. If he was happy after and nothing happened and he obeyed you coming when you called, it doesn't sound too bad. Watch him closely, but do make sure that you don't make a problem if there really isn't a problem to begin with. Like I said, from here it's hard to judge, but it actually sounds kinda' normal. Maybe he just didn't like that particular dog. It happens. Not every dog likes every dog, just like not every person likes every person.

Carry a leash with you while running so that you can leash up if you need to. (I always have a leash with me when my dogs are off leash, just in case I need it.) Try to continue running quickly past other dogs, since that works well for you. Supervise your dog closely, but otherwise go about your business, which is what you are probably doing anyway.

Keep us updated on how he is doing. We care about our doodles and their moms/dads.

  • replyJuanelle, Sun Dec 31 10:15pm
    The other dog came between my son and I (which was a big space) and they sniffed each other's tushis. When my dog growled, my son grabbed him and firmly told him no. I called him and he happily came. ... more
    • Just a thoughtKit and Maggie, Mon Jan 1 7:30pm
      It may have been the presence of your son that made the difference. He may feel protective of your son, especially if your son is a child? But maybe even if not. Mags is very protective of my EDD on... more
    • It's hard to judge from here — SD&B, Sun Dec 31 10:47pm
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