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Kit and Maggie
Just a thought
Mon Jan 1, 2018 7:30pm

It may have been the presence of your son that made the difference. He may feel protective of your son, especially if your son is a child? But maybe even if not. Mags is very protective of my EDD on walks, even though she's grown and doesn't live with us.

  • replyJuanelle, Sun Dec 31 10:15pm
    The other dog came between my son and I (which was a big space) and they sniffed each other's tushis. When my dog growled, my son grabbed him and firmly told him no. I called him and he happily came. ... more
    • It's hard to judge from hereSD&B, Sun Dec 31 10:47pm
      but it doesn't sound like it was truly problematic. Dogs communicate and that's okay. If he was happy after and nothing happened and he obeyed you coming when you called, it doesn't sound too bad.... more
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