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Kit and Maggie
Update #2
Tue Jan 2, 2018 7:31pm

Yup, pulled muscle. Crate rest, short leash walks, and no benadryl. He says another week should do it because he do.esn't think she actually made it worse, the other day, just encountered it, sort of. Of course, no growling for Dr. Bianco! I'll give her another bone tomorrow.
Thanks for all your good wishes.

  • Poor Miss MaggieKit and Maggie, Sat Dec 30 4:54pm
    We've had about three inches of soft, powdery snow - her absolute favorite kind for rompeting in, but poor Miss Mag is stuck inside. She hurt her leg the other night during the evening bark and deer... more
    • Update #2 — Kit and Maggie, Tue Jan 2 7:31pm
    • UpdateKit and Maggie, Mon Jan 1 7:25pm
      Mags was doing better. She could sit again, carefully. But then on our short leash walk today, a squirrel struck her wrong, she lurched after it, yipped, and limped home. It bugged her so much... more
    • Ahhh Poor Baby, I know you hurt forSoogee and Wally, Sun Dec 31 3:50am
      her. It's awful when our babies can't do what they love doing. We had Doc on a short leash for a foot injury. He was sad but hurting and he really didn't want to do much. I put music on for him and... more
    • Poor Miss MaggieSD&B, Sat Dec 30 8:14pm
      It's so hard when you don't understand why being inactive is good for you. Bully sticks are a good chew. Do you have any dog puzzle games? Does she like to learn tricks (and feels well enough to do... more
    • Aww, poor Maggie :( Is there a pain med you can give ....Mitzi, Rowley & Sawyer(rip), Sat Dec 30 7:37pm
      to lessen the discomfort? I can't imagine having to keep Rowley contained & not active. He's still a rambunctious 5yo. This summer he was stung numerous times, so the vet recommended Benadryl. That... more
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