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Soogee and Wally
You are most welcome. Can't let your
Wed Jan 3, 2018 11:37pm

birthday pass by unnoticed. Wally and I are completely bonded. He is as needy as I am. If he sees me head for my recliner he is there before me and can hardly wait for me to sit before he leaps onto the recliner and up to my face. This morning I actually got a human type hug from him. Most amazing. Happy Birthday!!

  • Thank you, Soogee!SD&B, Tue Jan 2 4:46pm
    I received my birthday package, which was one day early, by the way. Anyway, thank you so much for thinking of me. I totally understand that Wally is not impressed with your scheduling concerns, but... more
    • You are most welcome. Can't let your — Soogee and Wally, Wed Jan 3 11:37pm
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