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Peggy (Rocky)
Awwww Barney looks so happy!!!! (nm)
Thu Jan 4, 2018 5:22am

  • Road Trip Today!SD&B, Wed Jan 3 10:07pm
    I wanted to go on a road trip today for my birthday. Barney had a great time. Of course, we really missed Sundog. Barney taking a sniff. Look at him fly. Happy Barney. Happy Happy Joy Joy Dog on a... more
    • Happy Birthday Deb! Barney shows moreLinda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH, Fri Jan 5 8:17pm
      personality in his photos all the time. I like the flying one. Are his back legs really higher than his back? I love the joy! You take amazing action shots!
    • Love the happy happy joy joy picKit and Maggie, Fri Jan 5 3:27pm
      They're all wonderful. The flying one is fantastic. But Barney's face in the 4th one down is so - just glad, somehow. He has a wonderful face, anyway, and the pictures that feature it are my faves.
    • Awwww Barney looks so happy!!!! (nm) — Peggy (Rocky), Thu Jan 4 5:22am
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