Bev, Holly, Callie
I am so sorry Shelley! Hugs to you!! (nm)
Tue Jan 9, 2018 5:55pm

  • Sad ending to 2017Shelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Fri Jan 5 10:42am
    It's been a sad ending to 2017. On 12/21/17 Gracie (14) passed from fighting lymphoma. She was sweet and loving until the end and she was surrounded at home with lots of love when we helped her to... more
    • Thank you ALL for your well wishes and concern.Shelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Tue Jan 16 3:31pm
      I have been so blessed over the years having my 3 labradoodles. I almost feel like a traitor having a Goldendoodle. LOL Will is filling my heart more every day. How lucky am I?
    • My heart goes out to you and I know this littleKate and her "Y" Girls, Wed Jan 10 12:16pm
      one will warm and fill your heart with happiness and love. She will know how huge your heart is; and will sense she's there to help fill the emptiness while finding her own place there. xo
      • Thanks, she does.Shelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Tue Jan 16 3:26pm
        She reminds me of all 3 doodles and their little habits. She's like them all combined into one dog.
    • we will always be zooersVera, Wed Jan 10 10:25am
      somehow I know the ones that are still on the zoo after such a long time are going to be on here for life, doodle or no doodle. we have shared so much over the past 15 years, our doodles, our life,... more
    • Shelley ... my heart goes out to yousher (MadMacMar), Wed Jan 10 6:41am
      I am so, so sorry to hear of your overwhelming loss within just 10 days. It sounds like Traveller probably had the same disease we lost BOTH Madison and Mackenzie to, the rotten hemangiosarcoma. I'm... more
    • I am so sorry Shelley! Hugs to you!! (nm) — Bev, Holly, Callie, Tue Jan 9 5:55pm
    • I am so sorry Shelley...laurie rufus and stella, Tue Jan 9 10:05am
      so much loss. Cancer does suck. I lost my beloved Rufus in November. Willow looks like a sweet little pup. I a happy that she has joined your family.
    • What Beautiful Doodles! I am so sorry to hearMaya, Wy, Woo, Wei, and Wyn, Mon Jan 8 6:39pm
      that you have lost your remaining senior doodles. That is a harsh double blow. They were clearly very much loved and their photos are of very special characters I would have liked to have known... more
    • My heart hurts for you! Such preciousvicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Mon Jan 8 5:32pm
      fur kids. Congrats and Best Wishes for a long and wonderful life with Willow Grace! Such a shame that Willow didn't have more time with Liberty, she would have been such a good teacher for Willow.... more
    • Iím so very sorry to read about your loss.Marcelle, Luigi (rip), Rocco &Dino, Sun Jan 7 9:50am
      Luigi crossed the Rainbow Bridge in February at the age of 16, and, as your picture states, no matter how long they are with us itís never enough. Praying that your happy memories help heal your... more
    • Shelley, Although I am still wrestlingSoogee and Wally, Sat Jan 6 12:51am
      with a UTI I had to log in just to see what's up. I saw your post on your loss of Liberty. I just had to log on to let you know that I had seen your post. Over the past 4 years, The Zoo has had to... more
      • Thank you SueShelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Sat Jan 6 6:05pm
        The other day I received your lovely package remembering Gracie. It touched my heart greatly. I am so sad to have lost both my girls in such a short period of time. Iím just so sad and having a hard... more
        • Now I thank you for your wonderfulSoogee and Wally, Sun Jan 7 12:25am
          words. I know the pain I had after losing Doc, I can not fathom the pain of loosing 2 so close together. To tell someone who is in the throws of such a loss that they should be strong seems callus.... more
    • Oh Shelley, What an incredibly difficultLinda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH, Fri Jan 5 8:13pm
      few weeks you have had. It is amazing that you can even post after so much trauma in such a short period of time. You had an amazing group of doodles for a number of years, and their traces will... more
    • A very sad year.SD&B, Fri Jan 5 4:43pm
      Losing Gracie was awful in itself. And then Liberty. Losing 2 in 10 days is just too heartbreaking. I have no words for that kind of heart ache. I remember Traveller, Gracie and Liberty as the doodle ... more
    • It's never long enoughKit and Maggie, Fri Jan 5 3:24pm
      I am so sorry for all of your losses - and delighted to meet Willow Grace. They were wonderful, and she looks adorable. Horrible to lose them so close together like that. I lost my Travis to cancer,... more
    • I am so sorryLinda & Teddy, Fri Jan 5 12:21pm
      We delighted in their puppy-hood, watched them grow into magnificent full grown doodles and now mourn together as each is lost. I am so sorry and know your heart is aching missing your three ol'... more
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