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Monday Road Trip
Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:56pm

On Monday, we went on a road trip. It was a wonderful and eventful day. As far as wildlife, we saw a wolf running in the grass. Maybe 1/2 - 1 mile away, but it had a canine lope that was moving quickly yet efficiently and was way too large for a coyote. Plus, we found what we think were wolf tracks. And the distance between tracks indicated a ground-eating lope. We also saw elk tracks. And we heard a pack of coyotes howling. Later, as we were driving home, we saw a small herd of elk. So, we had quite the wildlife viewing experience.

Link to Shutterfly Pictures for Road Trip on 1/15. (You may have to cut and paste).

Wolf track, I think. I wear an 8 1/2. My feet are not dainty by any stretch of the imagination.

Wolf was running near the tree line and ran over the hill. We were watching from our truck while driving on the forest road.

We saw a gorgeous hawk flying. We couldn't see any detail, but I did get a couple of pictures that gave more detail. We actually use my camera for binoculars sometimes. At a zoom, you can see better than you can with the naked eye. I'm thinking it may have been a Northern Goshawk. It appeared to have a white stripe above the eye (only visible in the picture) and a very light/white underside (visible when flying to the naked eye). This picture is at least 1/4 mile, maybe 1/2 mile away.

We also saw a gorgeous bluebird.

Favorite pictures from the trip. As you can tell, Barney had a good time. (His ears are cut off in the picture, lol.)

And we saw a sundog while we were out there. I told Sundog that we loved her and the sundog brightened. Sundog was with us.

Hope you enjoyed our trip even half as much as we did!

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