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Holly!! I like that. I agree with Lucy and remember the
Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:39am

praise should be in the highest pitched voice you can muster. Whis is not very high for me who is called Sir over the phone more often than not. Have fun!

  • And the puppy’s name is...Karan Johnson, Fri Jan 19 10:48pm
    Holly! Holly Golightly, since she is a parti girl. She sweet but WAY energetic for this old lady! And I need to better puppy- Proof my house. She has had a lot of company and has charmed everyone.... more
    • Hi, Holly! Welcome to the Zoo!SD&B, Sun Jan 21 6:31pm
      She is a gorgeous girl and will bring a lot of life back into your life. Enjoy! As far as potty training, I would take used pee pads/paper outside and try to get her to go in the same area. I think... more
    • SO CUTE!!! So happy for you! Agreevicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Sun Jan 21 6:11pm
      to not use pee pads. We did the paper training once in the winter had a dickens of a time teaching her to go outside. Best Wishes!!!
    • Yay! You revealed it. She's such a doll. I can't waitKate and her "Y" Girls, Sat Jan 20 2:54pm
      to take a road trip! As far as the potty training. I'd ix-nay the pee-pee pads. They'll only teach her to always use them. In her crate, she should only have enough room to stand, lie down so she... more
      • Agree with you 100%LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Sun Jan 21 3:33pm
        Ozzie was tethered to me constantly from day 1 arrival. I took him out everyy 20-30 min or so for "go PeePee" and when it happened I lost my mind and bombarded him with treats. He had absolutely no... more
    • Holly!! I like that. I agree with Lucy and remember the — Anita, Sat Jan 20 9:39am
      • Congratulations and welcome Holly!Shelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Sat Jan 20 11:47am
        My puppy Willow Grace came with the name Holly, so glad it went to a sweet new Doodle girl.
    • Potty training...LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Sat Jan 20 1:05am
      I would try to wean her off the pads. Put her on a leash and take her outside every 20 min or so. Give your signal...we all know what it was for Nick! When she finishes, go nuts and give her a treat. ... more
    • Can see your little beauty free and clear.Soogee and Wally, Sat Jan 20 1:03am
      I'm going to watch this little one grow up. Good luck with her.
      • Thank you Soogee!Anonymous, Sat Jan 20 11:40am
        I got my birthday package yesterday - and don't worry: I believe in the birthday month! Such a sweet sentiment on that beautiful mug, and I found the goodies, too! You are so thoughtful.
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