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Kate and her "Y" Girls
Yay! You revealed it. She's such a doll. I can't wait
Sat Jan 20, 2018 2:54pm

to take a road trip! As far as the potty training. I'd ix-nay the pee-pee pads. They'll only teach her to always use them.
In her crate, she should only have enough room to stand, lie down so she won't potty in her 'den'.
I never kept Yarra's tiny crate so I used the medium crate but put my big tool box inside to only give her half of the crate.
Take Holly out every half hour at least, to a particular spot and she'll get the hang of it soon.
I was much better training Yarra and kept her tethered to my waist or to the furniture if we were sitting down. I didn't give her the chance to fail at it. I wasn't so diligent with Yindi but she finally got the hang of it.
Can't wait to meet her.

  • And the puppy’s name is...Karan Johnson, Fri Jan 19 10:48pm
    Holly! Holly Golightly, since she is a parti girl. She sweet but WAY energetic for this old lady! And I need to better puppy- Proof my house. She has had a lot of company and has charmed everyone.... more
    • Hi, Holly! Welcome to the Zoo!SD&B, Sun Jan 21 6:31pm
      She is a gorgeous girl and will bring a lot of life back into your life. Enjoy! As far as potty training, I would take used pee pads/paper outside and try to get her to go in the same area. I think... more
    • SO CUTE!!! So happy for you! Agreevicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Sun Jan 21 6:11pm
      to not use pee pads. We did the paper training once in the winter had a dickens of a time teaching her to go outside. Best Wishes!!!
    • Yay! You revealed it. She's such a doll. I can't wait — Kate and her "Y" Girls, Sat Jan 20 2:54pm
      • Agree with you 100%LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Sun Jan 21 3:33pm
        Ozzie was tethered to me constantly from day 1 arrival. I took him out everyy 20-30 min or so for "go PeePee" and when it happened I lost my mind and bombarded him with treats. He had absolutely no... more
    • Potty training...LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Sat Jan 20 1:05am
      I would try to wean her off the pads. Put her on a leash and take her outside every 20 min or so. Give your signal...we all know what it was for Nick! When she finishes, go nuts and give her a treat. ... more
    • Can see your little beauty free and clear.Soogee and Wally, Sat Jan 20 1:03am
      I'm going to watch this little one grow up. Good luck with her.
      • Thank you Soogee!Anonymous, Sat Jan 20 11:40am
        I got my birthday package yesterday - and don't worry: I believe in the birthday month! Such a sweet sentiment on that beautiful mug, and I found the goodies, too! You are so thoughtful.
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