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Kit,I wasn't going to answer your
Sun Jan 21, 2018 4:25am

post tonight due to things I must attend to. But I have had the same problem when we had our male, yellow Lab. What you are describing is frightening. Your own dog... how can your own dog attack you, it's owner? Our dog had extreme fear with noises. If he couldn't see what was making the sound he would flee in any direction if he thought he could hide in safety there. Lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, weed whackers and trucks. All of them. One summer afternoon I had the hedge trimmer out and was trimming the hedges around our back patio. Our lav was out there with me along with the family.The dog saw what I was holding and using and it was very loud. To my dismay the dog just stood there and didn't show any mind and ignored it. But do it out of his sight and either he would run or he would attack.

But the worse thing was when he was sleeping. I found out real fast what true aggression was when he slept. I warned the entire family to 'let sleeping dogs lie'. He would wake up disoriented. He was not completely awake and would attack any one near him or touching him or close to him.Thankfully he caught himself before any damage was done. Te first time it happened to me I backed up. Jumped back is more like it. He didn't growl at me to leave him alone, he snarled at me and lunged. I was ready to defend myself no matter what I had to do. As he lunged at me his eyes changed and he softened and pulled back. I was shaking and started to cry. I was alone. He was my dog. How could he attack me, his owner, walker, feeder? I felt betrayed. When he slept he did not know dreams from real life. If awakened he thought he was being attacked and responded as if he was. One night during the middle of the night I was awakened by my dog by the noise he was making. I heard the loud noise of a truck with the engine sounding as if it had no muffler. Very loud. My dog was trying to hide in our laundry basket. When he could not fit he ran to my standing mirror and tried to get behind it. When he couldn't do that he tried to get into my sliding door closet. I reached for him by grabbing his collar. He again snarl at me and went to bite me. As I felt his teeth touch my wrist he withdrew and in a flash he knew who I was and stopped himself. Another second or two and he would have been on me. It's me, it's mommy, how can you attack me? I was afraid for my kids. Wat could I do? In spite of it all I loved him. I could never put him down. I could not place him in a shelter where they would test him and he would fail and they would put him down. I made the decision to keep him but attached some heavy rules that MUST be followed. My own dog! We followed all the rules and number one was to never, never bother him when he is sleeping. Keep your distance. But there was an uncomfortable feeling of not being able to totally relax. I could not have put him down. He never bit anyone and always stopped himself before that moment, but the moment was that close. I did love him, but his fear was extreme. I hope you find a better solution than we did. I don't know what else would have worked. I do understand your situation but can't help you much. Good Luck. So sorry.

  • MaggieKit, Sat Jan 20 10:19pm
    Dear Friends, This is hard to write, and even harder to do. The night before last, Maggie attacked DH for the fourth time, this time quite aggressively and it's a miracle he wasn't hurt. It was... more
    • My heart goes out to youVera, Tue Jan 23 3:04am
      This is a terrible decision you had to make. But you are probably doing the best for Maggie. And for yourself. You have been struggling on and off with Maggie.
    • Thank you FriendsKit, Sun Jan 21 9:16pm
      We took Maggie back today. Hard because she has been on her very best behavior since she knows she did something wrong last week. It was very tough, but made easier by the fact that she clearly... more
      • Sorry that this had to happen, but I'm glad youLinda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH, Sat Jan 27 2:59pm
        had a real viable option that you could live with. You did the right thing for all of you.
      • My heart goes out to you. Any time you need a doodle fixvicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Tue Jan 23 7:05pm
        just let me know!! Hugs!!
      • So sorry KitAnne-Marie+ Isha, Mon Jan 22 5:37pm
        You tried so hard with Maggie, I can't imagine how you felt leaving her. But it is for the best. I hope you do get another doodle, it will take time. Maggie was a sweetie and so beautiful and you did ... more
    • I am so sorry.SD&B, Sun Jan 21 6:22pm
      Sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest thing to do. It's a horrible decision to be made, but I know you have everyone's best interests in mind. It will be so hard for you, but also maybe a... more
    • How very sad!Anita, Sun Jan 21 11:04am
      I know you have become to love Maggie but always had a concern about her temperment. That would be a frightening thing and sure I could not deal with it either. It is so fortunate that the Foster is... more
    • Iím sorry...Shelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Sun Jan 21 10:55am
      Iím glad you can send her back to the foster. Difficult but smart decision. Hugs
    • I'm so sorry to hear this but you need to do what'sPeggy(Rocky), Sun Jan 21 6:01am
      best for your home. That must have been so scary and I to would have to make a decision. Her foster mom is willing to take her back which should give you peace off mind.
    • Kit,I wasn't going to answer your — Soogee and Wally, Sun Jan 21 4:25am
    • What an incredibly hard decision. Karina, Colby, Evie and Dusty, Sat Jan 20 11:31pm
      Hugs to you all as I know you must be devastated. Sometimes you just have to do what is best for everyone no matter how hard it is. xx
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