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I'm so sorry you had to do this, but I totally understand.
Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:02am

Molly would bite strangers, but we trusted her completely in the house. We managed to rise to the incredible vigilance which a biting dog requires. But each time she bit, it was a surprise, a gut wrenching horror, and yet another decision about putting her down.
Some years after Molly died, when Zoey bit a runner badly, we already knew what was necessary to keep a biting dog alive, and we knew we could no longer muster that vigilance,nor were we willing to deal with the gut wrenching horror. We put her down. I have no regrets. If we had had someone to give her to who fully understood the responsibility, I would have considered giving her to someone. But her breeder couldn't take her, and so that was that.
There is a wonderful dog behaviorist here. Our vet requires that we talk to her before we put a dog down.I had spoken with her several times about Molly, so talking to her again was a no-brainer. However, her message had changed. She said that if the bite was reported, insurance companies were cancelling all home-owner coverage until the dog was put down. Also, she said that recently the chance of being sued for everything they could get was much greater than it was 20 years ago, and she considered us very very fortunate not to be sued. Luckily, the guy who got bitten was a dog breeder. Luckily for us, that is.
I can't imagine the horror of being attacked by your own dog in your own house. I'm not sure I could own a dog again. The aversion would be rooted in my body, not my brain, and it would be very difficult.
All the best to you, and I'm sorry you had to go thru this.

  • MaggieKit, Sat Jan 20 10:19pm
    Dear Friends, This is hard to write, and even harder to do. The night before last, Maggie attacked DH for the fourth time, this time quite aggressively and it's a miracle he wasn't hurt. It was... more
    • My heart goes out to youVera, Tue Jan 23 3:04am
      This is a terrible decision you had to make. But you are probably doing the best for Maggie. And for yourself. You have been struggling on and off with Maggie.
    • Thank you FriendsKit, Sun Jan 21 9:16pm
      We took Maggie back today. Hard because she has been on her very best behavior since she knows she did something wrong last week. It was very tough, but made easier by the fact that she clearly... more
      • Sorry that this had to happen, but I'm glad youLinda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH, Sat Jan 27 2:59pm
        had a real viable option that you could live with. You did the right thing for all of you.
      • My heart goes out to you. Any time you need a doodle fixvicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Tue Jan 23 7:05pm
        just let me know!! Hugs!!
      • So sorry KitAnne-Marie+ Isha, Mon Jan 22 5:37pm
        You tried so hard with Maggie, I can't imagine how you felt leaving her. But it is for the best. I hope you do get another doodle, it will take time. Maggie was a sweetie and so beautiful and you did ... more
    • I am so sorry.SD&B, Sun Jan 21 6:22pm
      Sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest thing to do. It's a horrible decision to be made, but I know you have everyone's best interests in mind. It will be so hard for you, but also maybe a... more
    • How very sad!Anita, Sun Jan 21 11:04am
      I know you have become to love Maggie but always had a concern about her temperment. That would be a frightening thing and sure I could not deal with it either. It is so fortunate that the Foster is... more
    • I'm so sorry you had to do this, but I totally understand. — swarl, Sun Jan 21 11:02am
    • Iím sorry...Shelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Sun Jan 21 10:55am
      Iím glad you can send her back to the foster. Difficult but smart decision. Hugs
    • I'm so sorry to hear this but you need to do what'sPeggy(Rocky), Sun Jan 21 6:01am
      best for your home. That must have been so scary and I to would have to make a decision. Her foster mom is willing to take her back which should give you peace off mind.
    • Kit,I wasn't going to answer yourSoogee and Wally, Sun Jan 21 4:25am
      post tonight due to things I must attend to. But I have had the same problem when we had our male, yellow Lab. What you are describing is frightening. Your own dog... how can your own dog attack you, ... more
    • What an incredibly hard decision. Karina, Colby, Evie and Dusty, Sat Jan 20 11:31pm
      Hugs to you all as I know you must be devastated. Sometimes you just have to do what is best for everyone no matter how hard it is. xx
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