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Sue strikes again!
Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:26pm

I just received a lovely birthday package from Sue!! Thanks so much for remembering my birthday. I have only been lurking here recently as I have been so busy. Misha is 12 now, and Rowan is 6. How time flies. They are both doing well. They are still my helpers in during therapy sessions and my clients love them. I am also doing a program in the local jail teaching inmates Trauma Resiliency Skills and both Misha and Rowan come to those and participate. They even received special commendations from the Sheriff! I count my blessings that Misha is doing so well at 12, and my heart breaks every time I hear of another one of our doodles going to the Happy Hunting Grounds. Hope all are having the beginners of a good New Year. Kay and Misha and Rowan

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