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Kate and her "Y" Girls
The "Y" Girls...Scary last month whilst the kids
Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:42am

and I were in Oregon, my wonderful, mature dog sitter was here taking her usual good care of the girls. One day she called me and said she came home to find a bottle of Rymadol, on the floor, top chewed off and empty. Yindi did it as I know she loves opening milk bottles, has gotten the empty vitamin bottles and can open childproof bottles. She vomited out the most Rymadol.
A vet Yarra doesn't usually see prescribed it for her arthritis and I had given her one pill. That was months ago. Her regular vet determined that Yarra didn't need Rymadol and to stop. I thought I had disposed of it and to this day, I don't know where it was that Yindi got it. She can open any bottle, even childproof, which it was.
My fear has always been, something would happen whilst I was away and here it was! She rushed them both to the emergency vet ( her own dog has seizures) so she knew exactly what to do. I got a call to give my credit card info informing me it would be $1000.00 per night. I didn't care. They were there for 2 nights with Cassie (dog sitter) visiting them and bringing them their own food as they've never eaten kibble. Yarra refused to eat which shocked me. I would have bet it would be Yindi.
Their blood panels have checked out fine and there are no after effects, thank G-d.
With Yarra approaching 12 and Yindi being 8, my worries are always in the back of my mind.
About $4000.00 later after tests and meds and follow ups, I hope my insurance will kick in something but nothing mattered but making sure they were OK.
With all the Doodles who have gone to the Bridge in the past few years, each day IS a blessing and we are all of being afraid of what will come, I'm sure we ALL pay extra attention to our Doodles every chance we have.
I hate being away from them at all.
Its amazing that the Doodle people I know are way above and beyond most of the people I know who have dogs. This is amazing and I'm grateful to know what I know and see the love and caring the Zoo gives to their Doodles.
I and many of us are at a place which used to be a decade+ off, when we got our puppies. Where has the time gone.
Even though I'm pretty much a lurker, I try to stay on top of what is going on.
Thank you all and to repeat what isn't necessary.....go hug your Doodles, extra tight and mine DO love hugs.

    • I'm so glad they are safe and well. (nm)Shelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Wed Jan 31 2:08pm
    • Thank heaven all was well!! Agree, everydayvicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Wed Jan 24 9:21pm
      with them is a gift! I have 2 that are going on 13 1/2 and watch to make sure they are breathing when they sleep! Hugs!
    • Where has the time gone? Good question.SD&B, Wed Jan 24 4:59pm
      With every being in your life, the days are numbered. But you just don't think about it as much when you think there are probably quite a few left. Now that our doods are older, we realize just how... more
    • Thank God they are both okVera, Wed Jan 24 8:30am
      Thank God for a dog sitter with a brain and knowing how to use it :-) USD 4000??? Jeez, I know vets are expensive. But this much???? Kisses to the Y-Girls! And a big hug for you
    • Mine love being huged as well. I haveSoogee and Wally, Wed Jan 24 3:57am
      heard that dogs don't like being hugged. The issue remains...why don't dogs like being hugged? Almost all of our dogs liked being hugged. It means to the dogs the same thing it means to us. I found... more
    • Thank God they both are alright and whatPeggy(Rocky), Wed Jan 24 3:44am
      a responsible sitter you have.
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