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Thank God they are both ok
Wed Jan 24, 2018 8:30am

Thank God for a dog sitter with a brain and knowing how to use it :-)

USD 4000??? Jeez, I know vets are expensive. But this much????

Kisses to the Y-Girls! And a big hug for you

  • The "Y" Girls...Scary last month whilst the kidsKate and her "Y" Girls, Tue Jan 23 11:42am
    and I were in Oregon, my wonderful, mature dog sitter was here taking her usual good care of the girls. One day she called me and said she came home to find a bottle of Rymadol, on the floor, top... more
    • Thank heaven all was well!! Agree, everydayvicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Wed Jan 24 9:21pm
      with them is a gift! I have 2 that are going on 13 1/2 and watch to make sure they are breathing when they sleep! Hugs!
    • Where has the time gone? Good question.SD&B, Wed Jan 24 4:59pm
      With every being in your life, the days are numbered. But you just don't think about it as much when you think there are probably quite a few left. Now that our doods are older, we realize just how... more
    • Thank God they are both ok — Vera, Wed Jan 24 8:30am
    • Mine love being huged as well. I haveSoogee and Wally, Wed Jan 24 3:57am
      heard that dogs don't like being hugged. The issue remains...why don't dogs like being hugged? Almost all of our dogs liked being hugged. It means to the dogs the same thing it means to us. I found... more
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