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Julie (Jonas & Clover)
We've been making our own for a couple of years now
Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:11pm

I don't know how nutritionally balanced it is but I do know that it's better than any kibble they've ever had, based on their health and renewed energy (for Jonas, almost 10).

We use ground turkey, sweet potatoes, quinoa or white rice (not both), canned pumpkin, apples or blueberries, water, and a green veggie...broccoli, peas, or green beans. We brown the turkey and then throw it all in a crock pot. You can check pinterest, google, or youtube for specific recipes but we're very happy with it. In addition, they do eat a small amount of high quality kibble each day in a treat/food ball to keep them busy. Since starting this they've had zero health issues or vet visits. :)

  • Does anyone make their own dog food?Diana & Charlie, Tue Jan 23 11:33pm
    I am considering switching to home made dog food for Charlie. He is 11 1/2 years old and has always been a picky eater, although he is now starting to eat a bit more regularly. He has been having... more
    • I don't make it, but I do feed raw.SD&B, Wed Jan 24 5:05pm
      In order to ensure it is nutritionally complete, I add the following supplements. Barney (and Sundog) seems to be doing very well on it. He has been on the raw food and supplements for over 10 years. ... more
    • We've been making our own for a couple of years now — Julie (Jonas & Clover), Wed Jan 24 1:11pm
    • I make Shalom's foodPhyllis/Shalom, Tue Jan 23 11:36pm
      Hi Diana, We feed Shalom a mixture of raw and cooked dog food. I'd be happy to share our experiences with you, if you'd like to email me at phyllisentis(at)gmail(dot)com.
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