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Another nice thing about Blueberry Cottage
Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:47pm

is that they deliver (for a reasonable fee). I was looking hard at a previous litter with availability at that time. The Mom looked a lot like Sundog. I also liked that the young nieces were involved in socializing the puppies of that particular litter.

Gold Coast Labradoodle's website says that they don't have any availability at the moment. She seems like a good breeder, and I wouldn't hesitate to check her out further for a new puppy.

  • We got Maxwell from the same breeder whereLinda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH, Mon Jan 29 2:02pm
    Kate got Maci, on Long Island. Pat Lovell at Gold Coast Doodles. She recently had a couple of litters, I don't know if they are all taken. We heard about Blueberry Cottage Labradoodles from Annabelle ... more
    • Another nice thing about Blueberry Cottage — SD&B, Mon Jan 29 5:47pm
      • We hit the jackpot. Gold coast had justLinda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH, Mon Jan 29 5:56pm
        had an adopted puppy returned due to unexpected illness of the owner. She hadn't even had time to advertise yet, when we called.
        • Major Jackpot!SD&B, Mon Jan 29 6:27pm
          It was just meant to be! :) That's kinda' how I got Sundog. The family that was supposed to get her was going on vacation and couldn't take her at that time. So I got her from Australia in 1 1/2... more
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