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Major Jackpot!
Mon Jan 29, 2018 6:27pm

It was just meant to be! :)

That's kinda' how I got Sundog. The family that was supposed to get her was going on vacation and couldn't take her at that time. So I got her from Australia in 1 1/2 weeks after sending an application. All I can say is - their loss was my gain! But I am sorry that Max's first owner was ill. That was unfortunate for that person.

My patience is very thin waiting for a new puppy, but I love the breeding pair I've chosen, and I do want to wait for nicer weather. So it's working out with Annabelle's so far. The Mom is being tested today for breeding and it will be about 17 weeks after breeding for New Puppy's arrival.

  • We hit the jackpot. Gold coast had justLinda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH, Mon Jan 29 5:56pm
    had an adopted puppy returned due to unexpected illness of the owner. She hadn't even had time to advertise yet, when we called.
    • Major Jackpot! — SD&B, Mon Jan 29 6:27pm
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