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I was wondering too.
Wed Jan 31, 2018 2:06pm

Willow is keeping us hopping at 12 weeks. What a snapping turtle she is right now. My husband is wondering what the heck he got in to. LOL

  • Soogee! How is Wally doing? (nm)SD&B, Tue Jan 30 10:00pm
    • Wally? Wally Who? LOL...tired, we areSoogee and Wally, Wed Jan 31 7:15pm
      very tired. Especially Mort because he's the one who has to walk him and clean up the mess when he won't let us know he's got to go. Mort walks him quite often but he will hold it until he's in the... more
      • Awwwwww!!!!! (nm)Peggy(Rocky), Thu Feb 1 1:39am
      • Once you get the housetraining done, it will be much smoother sailing. Glad to hear he's AAA+ in the loving department. That's the part that you will get years and years of enjoyment from. How old is ... more
        • He was born 8/22 I think. I mightSoogee and Wally, Wed Jan 31 8:33pm
          be a few days off so he is just over 5 months old. It's the house breaking that takes it's toll. He's a smart dog. He should be getting the house breaking by now. Once you have a dog house broken you ... more
          • Traveller took a long time too.Shelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Thu Feb 1 2:39pm
            Wally will get it. It took Traveller a long time and I never thought he'd get it but he did. We did put in a doggy door and he then took himself out. Willow is too young to have free access to the... more
          • It's really hard SD&B, Wed Jan 31 8:56pm
            if you can't catch him and take him outside every single time he's about to have an accident. It makes it take a lot longer. He'll get it eventually. He's still a young'un. I agree. The housebreaking ... more
    • I was wondering too. — Shelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Wed Jan 31 2:06pm
      • I read that on Facebook.SD&B, Wed Jan 31 8:02pm
        Sounds like you have the cutest sharknado around. I hope you make some headway on that soon. Don't you just wish you had that kind of energy, lol!
        • I do wish I had that energy. LOLShelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Thu Feb 1 2:33pm
          She tuckers me out. She's still a snapping turtle disguised as a puppy but we are starting to make small bits of progress.
    • New Puppies! Anita, Wed Jan 31 10:06am
      Karan is pretty quiet also. You don't think the new arrivals are keeping them busy do you ? :) My neighbors had a new baby and I texted her to make sure ingredients in a dish I was going to take fit... more
      • I'm looking forward to that!SD&B, Wed Jan 31 8:06pm
        I know they are time-consuming creatures. I think that's half of how they make you look forward instead of looking back in grief. I am sure New Puppy is going to wear me out. Hope I survive! :) Still ... more
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