Golden doodles?
Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:25pm

Who do we know who breeds golden doodles? Just wondering. I think I might be looking for maybe an F1 GD. Barbinca now Barbinpa? Isn't there someone in Alabama?
Although I am going to our local animal Rescue on Saturday, just to get an idea what is around besides the flood of pit bulls at the county and town shelters.
It must just be an enormous industry - and it's heart-breaking to think about. Some fight gets raided by police once in a long while and that makes the papers, but not nearly often enough to account for the number of pit bulls and chihuahuas being shed. Maybe the cops just think that they have enough to worry about with human crimes without worrying about canine crimes, as well. I said that to a friend, and she scoffed that no, the payoffs must be celestial to ensure that level of police ignorance. I hope that's wrong, too.
Anyway, I'm not in a rush. I've just started to look. And I could end up with a doodle puppy yet. We'll see.
Maggie's old/new Mom says she's doing fine and has seamlessly fit back into their house schedule, which is good. She sent a picture of Mags smiling with a tennis ball. It really was for the best, but hard anyway.
Thanks for all of your kind words and support. There really is no place like the Zoo.

    • on her list.
    • Glad to hear Maggie is doing ok. LOl, Travisvicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Fri Feb 2 9:10pm
      really spoiled you for a Goldendoodle didn't he? He was a very special boy! Best Wishes for a successful search! Keep us posted!
      • I have to know going into whatever our next dog family member is, it is not Travis or Maggie, but itself. And not all GDs are going to be like Travis. Actually, I need to look for a temperament... more
    • RescuesStacey (Syd, Pete, and Skye), Fri Feb 2 2:08pm
      Hi Kit, You probably don't know me, but I've been around the Zoo for more than 12 years. In fact, I adopted my two labradoodles Pete and Syd after finding the Zoo and falling in love with all the... more
      • No e-mailKit, Fri Feb 2 6:18pm
        Stacey, my computer is not finding an email to click. I don't know why. But I'd love to get in touch. I'm going out to talk to them at MLAR tomorrow. I should really start the process at a couple of... more
        • SorryStacey, Sat Feb 3 8:05am
          Please try my email again. I forgot to click the box! Also, I see that you're looking for temperament. I couldn't agree more. That was my only criteria when looking for my newest canine family... more
    • I'm glad to hear she's settle back in.Shelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Thu Feb 1 2:40pm
      Right choice, but I'm sure it was difficult. Best of luck on your search.
    • Good luck with your search!!!! (nm)Peggy(Rocky), Thu Feb 1 1:37am
    • at the moment? She may have retired her labradoodles and is now only breeding goldendoodles?
    • Here is her link for Bear River Doodles. Yeah, it's really sad about the pit bulls and chihuahuas. I think that's the case in a lot of places around the US.
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