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Soogee and Wally
He was born 8/22 I think. I might
Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:33pm

be a few days off so he is just over 5 months old. It's the house breaking that takes it's toll. He's a smart dog. He should be getting the house breaking by now. Once you have a dog house broken you forget how long and difficult and time consuming it can be. It's the worse part of owning a dog.

  • Once you get the housetraining done, it will be much smoother sailing. Glad to hear he's AAA+ in the loving department. That's the part that you will get years and years of enjoyment from. How old is ... more
    • He was born 8/22 I think. I might — Soogee and Wally, Wed Jan 31 8:33pm
      • Traveller took a long time too.Shelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Thu Feb 1 2:39pm
        Wally will get it. It took Traveller a long time and I never thought he'd get it but he did. We did put in a doggy door and he then took himself out. Willow is too young to have free access to the... more
      • It's really hard SD&B, Wed Jan 31 8:56pm
        if you can't catch him and take him outside every single time he's about to have an accident. It makes it take a lot longer. He'll get it eventually. He's still a young'un. I agree. The housebreaking ... more
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