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What a lucky little dog! (nm)
Wed Feb 7, 2018 12:33am

  • LOL, he is not only getting enough loveSoogee and Wally, Tue Feb 6 9:03pm
    but I have enough for an entire pack of dogs and still have love left over. This little guy gives as much love as he gets. My favorite time with him is when he jumps up on me on the recliner, crawls... more
    • I think Barb chose well for you. :) (nm)SD&B, Wed Feb 7 1:26pm
      • Barb chose better than well. She askedSoogee and Wally, Wed Feb 7 10:21pm
        me what I wanted in a dog. My first choice was affectionate. It was number one on my list. At the end of my list I told her I wanted the one most important training...and that was: "Quick! Everybody... more
        • I think you asked for the right thing.SD&B, Wed Feb 7 11:03pm
          That allowed Barb to choose the right pup for you. And it seems she did a bang-up job. I am very happy for you. And, by goodness, that Wally is a looker too! I also have a list. My #1? A "go... more
          • I have found that over the few weeks Soogee and Wally, Fri Feb 9 2:14am
            we have had him that there has been some relaxed changes that have taken place in his personality and behavior. For one, in the early weeks a lot of his 'affection' was clinging to me due to the... more
            • I think about SD&B, Fri Feb 9 5:23pm
              I think about when a puppy leaves his litter. It seems like it would be a hard thing. But they do seem to adjust, don't they? I'm glad to hear Wally is adjusting to and loving his new home. Are you... more
              • Well, I don't know if I feel as ifSoogee and Wally, Sun Feb 11 2:47am
                Wally has always been here but Mort has gone through major changes. He was resistant to another dog after having to say goodbye to Nutmeg. Mort and Nutmeg had formed a tight bond. Mort just about... more
          • I feel giddy for you. There is aSoogee and Wally, Thu Feb 8 12:19am
            great excitement knowing a new life is coming into the house. Tell me, are you leaning toward a female? male? Up until Wally we have had 3 females and 3 males. It was not intensional, just worked out ... more
            • At the moment, SD&B, Thu Feb 8 1:35am
              I am not really leaning towards anything. All in the litter will be in the right size range. I want the puppy that best fits our lifestyle. I am thinking of gender and color as a surprise. The... more
              • Just now read your link.Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Thu Feb 15 8:20pm
                This puppy sounds wonderful! The personalities of both parents are delightful! Hoping for the right little dood to be born for you!
                • Thank you! :)SD&B, Thu Feb 15 11:23pm
                  I love this breeder and I love the dam and sire. It's so hard waiting! New Puppy was bred during Super Bowl weekend. We should know if Charlotte is pregnant in March. Crossing fingers that everything ... more
              • I did check out your link and the Soogee and Wally, Thu Feb 8 2:56am
                new mommy to be is a real nice looking girl. Seems you could not go wrong either way. It;s very exciting. Something wonderful to look forward to come Spring.
    • What a lucky little dog! (nm) — Kelly, Mac and Roni, Wed Feb 7 12:33am
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