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Melissa, Roo, and Ellie
OMG, Mugsy looks so cute! I love his cut! (nm)
Wed Feb 7, 2018 3:14am

  • Mugsy's new haircutPhyllis/Shalom (for Swarl, Sat Feb 3 11:42am
    Hi everyone, Swarl asked me if I would post these pictures of Mugsy with his new haircut. Isn't he a handsome boy! Swarl says he looks like a miniature Newfoundland in his new style, deliciously... more
    • OMG, Mugsy looks so cute! I love his cut! (nm) — Melissa, Roo, and Ellie, Wed Feb 7 3:14am
    • Swarl is rightVera, Mon Feb 5 2:45am
      he does look like a mini neufie How much does he weigh now?
    • Newfie pupKelly, Mac and Roni, Sun Feb 4 5:16am
      Mugsy does look like my Miss Molly (Newfie) when she was a puppy.
    • He most certainly is a very handsomeSoogee and Wally, Sat Feb 3 9:10pm
      guy. He looks like he could just call you over to him for a great, big hug. But must not forget the kisses. Real nice looking dog for sure.
    • He's a beauty.Kit, Sat Feb 3 5:01pm
      He looks a little dubious around the eyes about that style, but you just tell him he's a real heart breaker. What is mugsy? LD, GD, other?
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