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Soogee and Wally
Oh Yes You Are! You and I are
Thu Feb 8, 2018 10:53pm

dancing on the same stage. We both moved from Labradoodle to Goldendoodle. We are both in love with the difference in our new puppy. And we both welcome them in to a house that has lost it's former dog loves. Perhaps we could get together over the summer. I love your little Willow Grace.

  • I just changed my message nameShelley - Willow Grace, Thu Feb 8 5:00pm
    I changed my signature from: Shelley - Liberty & Gracie (Traveller) to just show my current Doodle. I still miss my 3 sweet Labradoodles and think of them so often. Willow is growing like a weed and... more
    • Hi, Shelley and Willow!SD&B, Fri Feb 9 12:25am
      I'm one of those people who remember dog names, lol. People names? Not so much. Unless they're attached to a dog name. So.... Hi, Shelley and Willow! I'll never forget your 3 sweeties.
    • Oh Yes You Are! You and I are — Soogee and Wally, Thu Feb 8 10:53pm
      • Yes we are!Shelley - Willow Grace, Fri Feb 9 3:25pm
        I almost feel like a traitor not having a Labradoodle. LOL Lets plan on having Wally and Willow the 2 wild W's meet when the weather is nice. We are two lucky women for sure.
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