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I wish you would see his eyes
Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:13am

in the beginning he was always so very serious. But he has come a long way and now makes the most out of every walk :-) He has so much fun. We truly live in doggy paradise. I open the door and he can run! No driving required to walk somewhere. And the best .......... we never walk alone if we don't want to. There are always doggies around to run with.

I keep his hair very short now. Just like you do Barney. Helmut hates it, especially when I trim the ears very short. But with our lifestyle, it makes him more comfortable and for me it's easier to clean him up, especially when he is crawling through shrubs and bushes and comes back out full of burrs.

  • Hey, Snowy Joey!SD&B, Mon Feb 12 9:46am
    I love snowflakes on beautiful black noses.
    • Hey, rhyme..Snowy Joey!Soogee and Wally, Tue Feb 13 1:01am
      Your hair is frosted. And looking good too. Got to keep that 'cool' look. You are such a handsome snow dog!
      • I'm a poet, but didn't know it.SD&B, Tue Feb 13 5:24pm
        But my feet sure do show it. Cause they're Longfellows. Love that name - Snowy Joey!
        • Deb, I am tacking a post on to thisSoogee and Wally, Wed Feb 21 11:12pm
          one that has nothing to do with this topic. A couple of weeks ago I sent you a small package. I want to know if you have received it. I don't think having to put a trace on it will do any good. It... more
          • Oh no!SD&B, Wed Feb 21 11:20pm
            No, I haven't received anything. The last thing I received was my birthday package, which I very much appreciated. I would definitely post a thank you on the Zoo if I received something. 1 - Because... more
            • Oh No!! I just got nauseus. You haveSoogee and Wally, Thu Feb 22 3:30am
              no idea the problem I had with the wrong payment going to the wrong company and the refund to the wrong company to boot. That, of course, is not your problem. It was straightened out. I am really... more
              • Did you find the receipt?SD&B, Thu Feb 22 9:39pm
                Well, that sucks. The Post Office robbed you of the joy in planning a lovely thoughtful surprise and hearing of the delight of the recipient. And they robbed me of that delight. Geez, I hope it shows ... more
                • Deb, I've been thinking about thatSoogee and Wally, Sat Feb 24 12:59am
                  package I sent that is missing. I've been really angry about it's disappearance. I have made a decision. I will give it through Monday. If it does not come in by the end of the day, post, email or... more
                  • You are too kind, Soogee.SD&B, Sat Feb 24 5:10pm
                    You really are a very kind lady. I will let you know on Monday if anything shows up or not.
    • I wish you would see his eyes — Vera, Mon Feb 12 10:13am
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