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Soogee and Wally
Hey, rhyme..Snowy Joey!
Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:01am

Your hair is frosted. And looking good too. Got to keep that 'cool' look. You are such a handsome snow dog!

  • Hey, Snowy Joey!SD&B, Mon Feb 12 9:46am
    I love snowflakes on beautiful black noses.
    • Hey, rhyme..Snowy Joey! — Soogee and Wally, Tue Feb 13 1:01am
      • I'm a poet, but didn't know it.SD&B, Tue Feb 13 5:24pm
        But my feet sure do show it. Cause they're Longfellows. Love that name - Snowy Joey!
        • Deb, I am tacking a post on to thisSoogee and Wally, Wed Feb 21 11:12pm
          one that has nothing to do with this topic. A couple of weeks ago I sent you a small package. I want to know if you have received it. I don't think having to put a trace on it will do any good. It... more
          • Oh no!SD&B, Wed Feb 21 11:20pm
            No, I haven't received anything. The last thing I received was my birthday package, which I very much appreciated. I would definitely post a thank you on the Zoo if I received something. 1 - Because... more
            • Oh No!! I just got nauseus. You haveSoogee and Wally, Thu Feb 22 3:30am
              no idea the problem I had with the wrong payment going to the wrong company and the refund to the wrong company to boot. That, of course, is not your problem. It was straightened out. I am really... more
              • Did you find the receipt?SD&B, Thu Feb 22 9:39pm
                Well, that sucks. The Post Office robbed you of the joy in planning a lovely thoughtful surprise and hearing of the delight of the recipient. And they robbed me of that delight. Geez, I hope it shows ... more
                • Deb, I've been thinking about thatSoogee and Wally, Sat Feb 24 12:59am
                  package I sent that is missing. I've been really angry about it's disappearance. I have made a decision. I will give it through Monday. If it does not come in by the end of the day, post, email or... more
                  • You are too kind, Soogee.SD&B, Sat Feb 24 5:10pm
                    You really are a very kind lady. I will let you know on Monday if anything shows up or not.
    • I wish you would see his eyesVera, Mon Feb 12 10:13am
      in the beginning he was always so very serious. But he has come a long way and now makes the most out of every walk :-) He has so much fun. We truly live in doggy paradise. I open the door and he can ... more
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